Simple Truths of Christmas

This post comes from inspiration gained from Stacey Hutson, of A “Focus” in the Wild (  Stacey was recently surfing the web and came upon a Holiday House Walk posted by a group of ladies offering a virtual tour of their homes decorated for the holidays.  These homes are no doubt beautifully decorated, but as Stacey points out, they leave you with a sense that something is missing.

The homes on display are very… stark…empty… they give the appearance they are not lived in.  Not only that, but these homes have been decorated for the “holidays”.  Somewhere along these ladies’ quest to decorate for the “holidays”, they misplaced the meaning of Christmas.   They have abandoned Christ.  After all, He is the reason for the season.

Christ is Love.  Our home is decorated with Love for the Christmas season.  Our walls are not filled with pomp and circumstance, but rather with the simple truths that make up our lives.  Our home is decorated with treasures from our hearts, and full of family tradition- truly embrassing the spirit of Christmas.  

With a challenge from Stacey, I share with you our Christmas tidings.

Each ornament on our Christmas tree tells a story of our lives. 

There is the ornament representing the Northwest fisheries; and the camo coated Santa with bow in hand.

My son insists the Green Bay Packer onraments (yes, there are many) be the first to find a home of prominence on the tree.  

There is the elf perched in the high bows- the same elf the graced the my mother’s tree as a child.  

We have the traditional Christmas pickle hidden amongst the branches;  and the angels passed down from my late grandmother’s estate.  Perhaps the most precious are the many handmade ornaments my son has made with love over the years.

Our tree is draped in a beautiful, quilted tree-skirt given as a gift for mine and Todd’s first Christmas together as husband and wife.  The fabrics were selected by by the two of us, and stitched together with the devotion of my grandmother’s love.

Finally, our tree is topped with a simple, handmade star of twigs and beads woven together with love, guiding our hearts on our adventure through life… together as a family. Our tree may not be the perfect “holiday” tree with pretty bows and ribbons, but it is the perfect Christmas tree for our family.  Each year, our tree evokes memories of years past, and gives hope for the future.  I know that one day our precious elf will find himself at home in my son’s own family tree, as the source of many stories certain to delight future generations.

I wish you and your family a Christmas season filled with Peace, Love, and Joy.  May Christ be with you!


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