The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show

The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show has returned to the Portland Expo Center for its 37th year of shopping greatness.  Each year the Show continues to impress, despite the down turn in the economy.

Owin, Cody, and Michelle hanging out in the Comcast SportsNet booth at the Show.

The Show is, simply stated, one big candy store for adults.  It is a great place to check out the latest and greatest hunting and fishing equipment on the market. The hardest part for me is weeding out the needs from the wants.  As the new owner of a duck hunting/fishing boat, this can be a difficult task!

At the Show I discovered a great new publication “Horns & Hooks” which will be finding its way to my mailbox soon.  The magazine’s inaugural issue was published in January 2012, and will be followed with by-monthly publications.  I look forward to reading more from “Horns & Hooks”, a Western outdoor adventure magazine (

Perhaps the thing I look forward to the most at the Show is the opportunity to visit with hunting and fishing guides, not only from the Pacific Northwest, but from around the world.  I was able to book a few Northwest bird hunts, a hog hunt in California, as well as an African Safari for 2014.   Yesterday I caught up with old friends from old friends from Shingani Safaris from the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The highlights of the day were hanging out with Owin and Cody, hosts of Portland based Outdoor GPS, one of my favorite shows on Comcast SportsNet, and learning more from one of my mentors, outdoor writer Gary Lewis.

Outdoor Journalist Gary Lewis and Michelle

Bob Staples of Blue Mountain Adventures. I cannot wait to learn more about his hunting opportunities out of La Grande, OR.

Social media has added yet another aspect to the Sportsmen’s Show; it is a great place to meet up with new FaceBook friends.  It was great to meet a few of my “friends” in person and put a face to the name, including Bob Staples of Blue Mountain Adventures.  I’ll be stopping by today to visit with Bob a bit more about his elk and deer hunting packages, as well as visit with a few more of my FaceBook friends while they are in town.

The coolest (and most practical) gadget I discovered at the Show was a Beard & Spur holder from Bill Baublit Custom Box Calls (  My biggest decision now is whether to go with Red Cedar or Cherry to display my treasures….

Red Cedar or Cherry?

If you have an opportunity, I encourage you to check out the 37th Annual Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.  Doors are open until 6 p.m. Sunday, February 12, 2012.


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