The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans… fall apart right before “go time”.  This is the story of my life, and this year’s turkey opener is no exception.

I should be packing my bags with my Prois Eliminator rain wear, double checking my gear list, playing around with my RD turkey call, and admiring my Little Runt decoy I have been looking forward to using in the field.   Unfortunately, it will all have to wait.  Tomorrow’s scheduled hunt is no longer and my “opener” is postponed for a couple of weeks.  Miscommunications and an unfortunate series of events have derailed my opening day hunt.

I am disappointed, no doubt, but rather than sulk in my sorrow, I chose to make the most of the situation and take my family fishing.  It is not often we get a free weekend to spend together in the great outdoors.  (Okay, fishing doesn’t really make up for missing my opening day of turkey season, but it comes in a very close second; especially seeing the excitement on my son’s face as he landed the “Big One”.)

For our family fishing is more than wetting a line and watching your bobber float in the murky water, waiting patiently for a fish to strike.  No, fishing is about much, much more.  It is about breathing in fresh air, watching wildlife, and admiring the beauty of the world around us.  Most importantly, fishing is about spending quality time together as a family.  Fishing feeds the soul.

Although the best laid plans to turkey hunt fell apart, what I got in exchange was much, much greater.  I got my family’s love.

What more could I ask for?

Time to stop fishing and go home... and someone is not happy!


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