My World

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I sit silently as the wind kisses my face.   The sparrows dance in the sky above to the song of the red-winged blackbird.  I breathe.  The fresh spring air fills my lungs with new life, and hope.

I run my fingers through the soft green grass, as the dragonflies flirt with the brim of my cap and the bumble bee buzzes by.


This is my world.

Although I was not able to get out hunting or fishing this weekend, a quiet walk along a nearby brook was enough to feed my soul.

What fuels your spirit when you are unable to get away?  


2 thoughts on “My World

  1. Working with my horse for sure – he’s a luxury that provides me with a small dose of “outside” when I can’t hunt or fish!

  2. Listening to the songbirds while drinking a cup of coffee at sunrise or a walk in the woods with the dogs feeds my soul. No fishing this weekend, it’s raining too hard.

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