The Hunt that Opened My Eyes… Part II (Repost)

This summer I will be returning to the Dark Continent, a place I once called home. I will hunt and fish with Starr & Bodill African Safaris, then return to a mission that is responsible for changing my life.  In homage to my upcoming adventure, I continue to share a series of posts I first made in late 2011. I look forward to adding a new chapter to this story in the months to come.

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The Hunt that Opened My Eyes… Part III

RECAP- Our 2009 South African safari was amazing, and the hunting phenominal. Todd and I had both harvested a number of animals and experienced new, beautiful terrain.  However, our vacation quickly took a turn for the worse.  While hunting bushbuck toward the end of our trip, Todd collapsed in my arms… he had no pulse… he was not breathing… he was dying.

Todd in Greenacres Hospital in Port Elizabeth

After what felt like an eternity, we were able to get Todd revived (THANK THE LORD)!!!!  He later faced surgery in Port Elizabeth for an undiagnosed heart defect.   His prolonged recovery meant our two week vacation would turn into an entire winter living in Port Elizabeth.  During our residency in South Africa, I was attacked by a cheetah and landed myself in the hospital.  All I could do at that point was laugh, and laugh some more.  What else could the world throw at us?

Darn cheetahs!

Despite our tragedy, Todd and I grew to love the country and its people.  After all, the country had given Todd new life, and me… a new appreciation for life.   Our new friends Mike and Rose had blessed us with their companionship and introduced us to the Addo Faith Mission.  Little did we know how much the Mission would help us heal.  Helping the children at the Mission was our way to give back to the country that had given so much to us.

After finally returning home to Oregon, it wasn’t long before we began planning our next trip to South Africa.  Todd and I both dreamed of continuing our hunt, while my heart also yearned to get back to the Mission and help the innocent children of Valencia.  In May 2011, we made our dream a reality and returned to South Africa.  This time we brought along our good friends Matt and Connie and introduced them to the wilds of the Dark Continent.  Continue reading