A Few More of My Favorite Things…

Tis the season of holiday music, laughter, and smiles.  Although it is not  a “holiday” song, per se, one song I love to sing this time of year is “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music.  While belting out the lyrics last week to put a smile on my son’s face, I got to thinking of many of my favorite things.  I began by sharing the Prois Pro-Edition Vest, and now the list continues:

#2- My Taxidermist- Cory Wright

A sampling of Cory's bird work.  I hope to have more for him by season's end.

A sampling of Cory’s bird work. I hope to have more for him by season’s end.

Although my taxidermist is a great friend and hunting companion, I absolutely LOVE the work he produces.  Cory Wright, of CoryWright Taxidermy in Gresham, Oregon, is a true artist.  Cory breathes life back into my trophy mounts that now grace the walls of my home.  As long as Cory is in business, I will not allow anyone else to do my taxidermy work.   The beauty of Cory’s work speaks for itself….


Cory's work leaves no details incomplete.

Cory’s work leaves no details incomplete.













#3- My German Shorthair Pointer

Storm on point, holding tight on a rooster pheasant.

Storm on point, holding tight on a rooster pheasant.

Three years ago I treated myself to a special Christmas present (although I couldn’t bring her home until the following April).  As an avid bird hunter, I decided it was time to raise my own bird hunting companion.  I began my search for a German Shorthair Pointer and quickly found a breeder with “must have” dogs.  After a visit with Howard Meyer of Chippewa Kennels in Corvallis, Oregon, I knew I must have one of his future pups. http://chippewa-gsp.com  I spent time in the field with a few of Howard’s dogs and immediately fell in love.  Not only were they all strong hunters, but their companionship and cooperation in the field was par to none, and their noses… their noses were exceptional!

I put down my deposit with my Christmas money before the new litter was even born, and several months later paid a visit to make my pick.   I have not once been disappointed.   Chippewa Gracie’s Molteno Storm (“Storm” for short) has become one of my best friends and hunting companions.

My big goofball with a really good nose.

My big goofball with a really good nose



“Brown paper packages, tied up with string.  These are a few of my favorite things.”   What are you hoping to find all wrapped up this holiday gift-giving season?  What are a few of your favorite things?